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Massage services

Nature’s Whisper Center for Healing | Kaysville, UT Massage Services

Chronic pain, muscle tension, and stress can take an exhaustive and draining toll on the mind and body. At Nature’s Whisper Center for Healing, we help our clients restore their physical health and transform their overall well-being.

Our wellness clinic provides a selection of specialized massages that reduce pain, improve mobility, and yield healthier and more active lifestyles. We also offer healthy takeout dinners that nourish the body and promote its natural healing process.


Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage is tailored to your unique needs and works to alleviate pain, reduce stress, ease muscle tension, increase mobility, and enhance your overall quality of life. Therapeutic massages can help with chronic back pain, headaches, migraines, leg pain, sciatica, and whiplash. They’re also beneficial to those who are injured, have been involved in an accident, or recently undergone surgery. Therapeutic massages can also improve circulation, relieve joint and nerve pain, and help with anxiety and depression.
30 Minutes- $30.00
60 Minutes – $70.00
90 Minutes – $110.00
120 Minutes – $150.00

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage utilizes heated stones to deeply penetrate the muscles. This specialty massage is often used in conjunction with therapeutic massages. The heat from the stones works deep into the muscles and releases the tissue, decreases tension, and improves circulation.
60 Minutes- $80.00
90 Minutes – $130.00

** $5 add-on to any massage

Thai Yoga Massage

Take your healing journey to the next level with the flowing powers of a thai yoga massage. While you stretch on a yoga mat, our therapist will work on loosening stiff muscles, improving circulation, and realigning your body.

90 Minutes- $100.00
120 Minutes – $130.00


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral is a specialty massage that uses a gentle modality that moves the bones in the head, spinal column and sacrum. It is used to decrease pain and alleviate headaches and migraines. It is ideal for clients with chronic pain, “brain fog”, and constant headaches.
60 Minutes- $70.00
90 Minutes – $110.00
120 Minutes – $150.00

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage is a light pressure massage that targets the lymphatic system, which is a key part of your immune system. Lymphatic massages alleviate congestion in the lymph nodes, sinuses, and joints. This specialized massage can help you recover from colds, sinus infections, swelling, and injuries.
60 Minutes – $65.00


Geriatric Massage

Geriatric massages work to enhance your flexibility, joint function, and overall well-being as our bodies age. Whether you’re currently suffering from chronic pain, limited mobility, or depression, there’s no limit to what a geriatric massage has in store for you.
30 Minutes- $30.00
60 Minutes – $70.00
90 Minutes – $110.00

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is wonderful for women who are expecting. This specialized massage relieves muscle tension, flushes out lactic acid and hormone buildup, decreases joint swelling, and helps prepare the mother’s body for labor.

Pregnancy massage also has significant benefits for the baby. A baby can feel when their mother goes through emotional changes and stress. This massage decreases the mother’s stress, brings nutrients to the baby, improves circulation, promotes healthier tissue, and forms a deeper bond between mother and baby.

60 Minutes- $80.00
75 Minutes – $100.00
90 Minutes – $125.00

Sports Massage

Coming soon! Enjoy a specialty massage designed specifically to help you in whatever sport you choose. This modality aims to repair muscle damage, increase range of motion, reduce risk of injury, and enhance athletic performance. Therapeutic massage techniques are included with range of motion exercises and specific stretches.
30 Minutes- $40.00
60 Minutes – $80.00
90 Minutes – $120.00
120 Minutes – $160.00

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a specialty modality combining the benefits of Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, and active stretching. This modality is performed on a mat, with the client being fully clothed. It aims to loosen stiff muscles, improve circulation, realign your body, and promote overall well being.
60 Minutes- $80.00
90 Minutes – $120.00
120 Minutes – $160.00

Couples Massage

We offer couples massages upon request in our specially set up couples massage room. Enjoy any of our massage services side by side with your loved one. Prices vary based on service chosen.

Skincare Services

At Nature’s Whisper Center for Healing, we believe in shaping your path to wellness from the inside out. In addition to our massage and nutrition services, we will soon offer therapeutic skincare services to our clients.


Nature’s Whisper Massage

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